Are You a Granny Flat Landlord or Tenant? We Are Making Granny Flat Rentals Available On Our Site!

Granny Flats For Rent

As of September 30th 2012, we will be providing a courtesy for our existing Landlords to make their newly built granny flats available for rent to interested Tenants. This is a FREE LISTING for our existing landlords and, for a small fee, will also be available to anyone wishing to list their Granny Flat for Rent.

For Landlords: If you’re a granny flat Owner and are looking for quality tenants, we are seeking expressions of interest so that we can create a separate directory for landlords to quickly find tenants, initially in Sydney. Later on, we will expand our listing to make granny flat rentals available in rural and interstate areas as well. If all goes well, we intend to make a granny-flat-only directory for interested landlords to seek out quality tenants for their newly built or existing backyard cabins, bachelor retreats etc for rental also.

For Tenants: We are also seeking expressions of interest from interested tenants, initially in Sydney, who are looking for affordable rental housing in sought after suburbs where our landlords are looking for quality and reliable tenants to live in their backyard dwellings. Granny Flats are unique in that they are more suited to mature and ‘quieter’ tenants who understand the importance of privacy. We will look at expanding this service to tenants in country and interstate areas as well, depending on interest.

Granny Flat rentals

Methadology: There’s really no one single directory dedicated to matching quality granny flat tenants with landlords, specifically in the attached and detached secondary market. As stated above, granny flats for rent are suited to working, and mature adults who are relatively private and whom don’t need a large backyard. They are usually singles, partnered or a newly formed family with perhaps a child. Inner-City tenancies are often difficult and expensive for landlords to advertise, so this service could certainly fill the gap where existing rental websites fail to specifically target share-accommodation and more specifically,affordable  granny-flat living for Sydney-Siders.

We therefore invite expressions of interest during the month of September from interested parties so that we can gauge the level of interest. The good news is that the service is free through to the end of October and we will also be developing a tenant level-of-quality register which will grade tenants on their employment status, rental history and references etc, so that landlords are more assured of securing quality tenants.Granny Flats For Rent Australia

We ask Landlords to please email us at expressing their interest with the following informtion:

1. Suburb

2. Number of Bedrooms

3. Approximate Size of the Granny Flat in square metres

4. Approximate Age of the granny flat

5. Approximate Condition of the granny flat (Excellent/Good/Fair/Aged)

6. The type of granny flat they will have available (Attached or Detached Granny Flat)

7. Approximate Weekly Rental Price the landlord is looking for.

8. When the Granny Flat will likely be available for Rent.

Tenants please email us at expressing their interest and the following information:

1. Suburb they’re interested in and approximate kilometres they’re willing to extend to; or surrounding suburbs.

2. Number of Bedrooms desired

3. Age and the number of Tenant(s)

4. Sex of the Tenant (Male/Female)

5. Condition of the granny flat they’re willing to look at (Excellent/Good/Fair/Aged)

6. The type of granny flat they are interested in (Attached or Detached Granny Flat)

7. Approximate Weekly Rental-Price the tenants is looking for.

If we get enough interest, we will begin the listings between October 1st and October 31st. We will keep all interested parties notified as well.

Warm Regards,

Serge Panayi – Granny Flats Sydney

Granny Flat rentals