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granny flat flooring

Granny Flat Flooring Options

When it comes to choosing your floor covering for your new granny flat, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. Choosing floor coverings is one of the most important choices you will make in regards to interior materials. At Granny Flat Sydney we offer a range of floor types ranging from various Carpets, Wood options and Tiles of various sizes. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages but first it’s worth considering:

  1. The intended use of your new granny flat? – rental, family, teenagers retreat?
  2. If rented, will your new granny flat have pets?
  3. If a specific or elderly family member, do they have allergies or do they need a softer finish?

Below, we look at the pros and cons of the popular floor types in granny flat designs:



  • Comfortable and soft – adds a welcoming touch to any room.
  • Huge range of colours, patterns and fibre types – making it easy to match your colour scheme.
  • Adds aesthetic appeal to some rooms
  • Warm – superior insulating qualities to many other flooring types, can reduce heating costs.
  • Great with elderly occupants. It can be somewhat safer than alternatives in the unfortunate case of a fall.


  • Can be unpleasant to people sensitive to allergens.
  • Requires more maintenance.
  • Stains can be difficult to remove.

Hardwood Flooring


  • Wood flooring is not only appealing, it also works with just about any decor. With quite a large range of wood types and stains its fair to say the right tone is available for any granny flat.
  • Superior to carpet for allergy sufferers.
  • Easy to mop and vacuum.
  • Middle ground between the warmth of carpet to the coolness of tiling.


  • Can be damaged from heavy objects resting for periods.
  • Can suffer impact dents from dropped objects and high heels
  • Some timbers can be slippery so care needs to be taken when it comes to children and the elderly.



  • Tiles like previous flooring types are extremely versatile and very popular with granny flats in Sydney.
  • Simple to maintain.
  • Cost effective.


  • Can be slippery and hard.
  • Slightly poorer thermal properties – cold to the touch in winter.
  • Can potentially increase energy costs in regards to heating loads.

Every granny flat Granny Flat Sydney is different so deciding which flooring type comes down to your personal taste, the granny flats purpose and the flooring types advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day it’s your budget which may determine your choice but it pays to know the differences.