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Our Process

  • Step 1Consultation
    The first step in Granny Flats Sydney process is for one of our friendly consultants to discuss your granny flats proposed location, feasibility and purpose.
  • Step 2Design
    We will then work diligently to customise a smart granny flat design which fits perfectly into your own back yard and which works for you by being ergonomic and efficient.
  • Step 3Approval
    Step 3 involves understanding your blocks topography, dimensions, location of utility assets, access and surveying. Your approval is then proposed and fast tracked with local council in as little as 10 days.
  • Step 4Site Preparation
    We now begin the construction process, carefully connecting all services and preparing the foundations. All of this is done whilst preserving the existing landscaping and other features on your land.
  • Step 5Lock Up
    Our quality-assurance process guarantees that your external materials come together to form a beautiful new granny flat every time. Once completed, we can begin installing your internal inclusions.
  • Step 6Internal Fit-Out
    Your selected quality inclusions are now lovingly installed to the highest standards of fit and finish. We also invite you to inspect our work before we complete the final finishing touches.
  • Step 7Handover
    Once you inspect your completed project, we will ‘hand over’ your new granny flat keys and our Private Certifier will also issue your ‘Occupation Certificate’. As always, it gives us great joy to please you, our valued client with beautiful granny flats, ready to live in.