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Panania Granny Flat Kitchen To Lounge Room View

5 Top Tips To Consider

When it comes to building a granny flat or even your second, making the right choice in which builder is right for you can affect your entire project. For 12 – 14 weeks, you will be working closely with your builder so when making this decision it definitely needs to carry significant weight. Below is 5 tips you should keep in mind when finding the right builder for your new granny flat in Sydney.


Choosing a builder which develops your granny flat with you, understanding your project and is willing to be flexible to deliver the entire project to meet your needs. Keep aware of cheap quotes as they generally have hidden costs or critical aspects may be an additional cost.


You can never have enough experience. Choosing a builder with extensive industry experience can mean they have the capability to solve any issues without impacting your granny flat project.


Granny flats are only 60sqm, so working with an experienced builder can assist in ensuring you end up with a functional design. It’s always a good sign when a builder isn’t limited by a design type and willing to build more than a square box.


Finding a builder with testimonials, reviews and able to offer customer references is a good sign you’re on the right path to finding a reputable builder. Builders with many repeat customers is a strong signal they provide exceptional service and high build standard.


Obviously, it’s hugely important your builders licence is current and they are fully insured. Having additional recognised accreditations such as from the Master Builders Association can also be beneficial in choosing the right builder for you.

There are many reasons for choosing the right granny flat builder, the list we have put together above points out 5 of which we think deserve a priority in your decision making process.