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granny flat outdoor living

Australians love outdoor entertaining areas, it’s simply part of our lifestyle. Having an alfresco area adjacent your granny flat’s kitchen makes for the perfect extension. Not only does this make your granny flat seem more spacious, it is also an enjoyable living space. Having a memorable granny flat makes yours stand out from the crowd and in Sydney, granny flats are definitely not uncommon these days.

Why invest more in your granny flat’s indoor/outdoor living area?


  • Memorable/stand out!  When it comes to tenants, yours will be the pick of the bunch.
  • Appear larger
  • Fulfil the prospect’s needs! – More people choose to spend the night in. In a typical Sydney granny flat this would get old fast. Why not make it more enjoyable?
  • The greater your stand out granny flat is in demand, the more you can make!


Who says open kitchen, living and alfresco areas are only for homes? A large, private outdoor entertaining area married to an open living/dining and kitchen has the same appeal and benefits in granny flats as it does with homes, in fact, more so as it’s not all that common!

How to stand out in Sydney!

Your outdoor area needs to be all seasons, this means shade and fans in summer and a roof with the possibility of enclosing with shutters or blinds in winter. Use glass where possible, wide glass doors make the area brighter and larger, a definite plus in any granny flat in Sydney. Sydney can get chilly, the addition of gas for an outdoor fireplace or heater is also a consideration.

Talk to the granny flat experts at Granny Flats Sydney about the ideas above, or some of your own! Call us today on 02 9785 4899.