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Brick Granny Flat Exteriors

Granny Flat Exterior Choices

Choosing the type of exterior finish for your granny flat is becoming more difficult in recent times with the overwhelming amount of products available. Then of course you have your blocks aspect, your budget, available colours of certain products, textures and a products thermal and sound insulation properties to name a few considerations. At Granny Flat Sydney we build a large number of brick granny flats in Sydney so in this article we are going over some of the pros and cons of bricks as an exterior construction material.

From an investors point of view, bricks seem ideal as they require little maintenance, which is why we are often building brick granny flats in Sydney, however, there is more to bricks than just low maintenance. So let’s get to finding out!

Some pros to brick exterior granny flats:

  • As we know they require little maintenance, never require painting and are strong and quite durable
  • Bricks are typically a higher energy efficiency than other common exterior products, warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Bricks are one of the most fire resistant building products available
  • Brick granny flats tend to demand slightly better rents than timber cladding from our analysis
  • Brick tends to prevent noise transmission better than timber cladding products
  • Insurance can be cheaper with brick construction, from an insurance point they see – wood = flammable, brick = non-flammable

Some cons when building with bricks:

  • Building your granny flat with brick will increase the cost compared to cladding, repairs can also be expensive
  • The granny flat’s foundations are engineered for the extra weight of brick construction, adding additional costs
  • Changing your exterior look in the future proves more expensive, with rendering a common option

A granny flat’s exterior construction is a major factor and worth time considering, to answer any questions please get in touch with us by email or phone.

Granny Flat Sydney.